Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

There is just something about a prayer walk. I love walking my neighborhood and just praying for every house on my block. I don’t even have to walk up to them to pray. I just walk by their home and lift up everything to God. I don’t need to know the situation God already knows, all I have to do is lift it up to my wonderful Father and he will do the rest. My prayer walks are so filling for me because I know my God works in all ways that are good. And for all I know this prayer might be the only good my neighborhood might have from this past weekend going into a start of a new week. I encourage others to try a prayer walk it will take you to another level in your walk with God. When I first started doing my prayer walks I thought it was silly and others might think I’m crazy, but hey I’m crazy in love with Jesus and that is just one more way for me to be closer to my father and I’m all for it. Try it out, it will move your heart! Many Blessings to all! -Monica R.

One thought on “Prayer Walk

  1. Wow, I think found the answer of what God wants me to do with something he brought to my attention. I was wrestling with why he was showing me what He was showing me. I have a fear of going out in public, especially when I have to wait at the end of the driveway for my kids’ buses on our busy street. It’s not a big fear but just an underlying “I would really rather not do it” kind of thing. God brought it to my attention recently and prompted me to share it on the OBS blog today. It was a divine appointment for me to read your blog because now I know the answer to what He wants me to do. I truly believe He wants me to pray over the people that pass by, and my neighbors while I am out there waiting at the bus stop. Thanks for sharing, I feel like God meant for me to read it!

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