(Share what you have said yes to and what led to your decision of obedience.)

Well this week God has spoken to me about encouragement. So for 7 days I have to share something encouraging with others, and pray for them. The last 4 days I have text an encouraging word, verse, and prayer to family and friends. I didn’t realize how many I was really texting til yesterday as I prayed for each person I texted. 50, 50 individuals I have been able to reach just by being obedient to what God has ask me to do. I was in shock of how many I was really texting. And of course the devil comes in with his lies and tells me I’m bothering them or they don’t care for what I send them, but there is truth that God is using me for his Good. I have received responses from ladies that don’t know God, ladies that hardly ever responded to my texts, others just agreeing with my text, some thanking me for each word of encouragement , and some saying that its bringing them closer to God. I’m thankful that I can reach others in this small act of obedience. God can use the smallest acts to make a huge difference in someone’s life. It’s those God moments that touch my heart to know that my purpose behind ever text is for the glory of God.
– Many Blessings to all Monica R. #iSaidYes #YestoGod ❤

2 thoughts on “#ISaidYes

  1. Thanks for this post! I’m terrible at talking to people in person but when I get behind a screen, the words just flow. And I agree, not everyone responds, but when I do see them again, they always say that they were happy to receive an email or text. It’s like sowing seeds, you don’t always get to see the harvest, but God still makes everything grow. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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