There is still HOPE

There is still HOPE

This morning as I did some morning shopping at my local HEB, I felt God direct me to the shortest lane to checkout. I was like oh yea thank you Jesus. But he had a reason for me going to that lane. As I’m waiting I notice a lady in the lane next to me talking on the phone about a rough evening and all that still needs to be done today. God reminded me of myself being in her shoes as a mother and still today as a busy person. Well as I moved up the line she follows behind me to my lane and puts her items down. I slightly turn and notice it’s a box of Gain Laundry Detergent. God spoke to me and said I need to pay for her item. So as my items are being checked out I turn to the lady and said I’m going to bless you and pay for your item, she looked at me and said oh I can give you the cash, I kindly said no mam, I’m going to bless you this morning no worries. She was staring at me like why would I do that. The cashier was looking at me with a strange look as well. But at that moment I knew and I felt Gods presence was Gained between those two ladies and they can move forward with the thought of knowing there is still HOPE in life to have a blessed day and to know that Gods people are out there to share his #PerfectLove I don’t know what kind of life that lady has but I did hear her weary heart and if me blessing her for but a moment will help to remove that thought of struggles then I will move when God says move. Before I did this I was nervous thinking I was going to scare the lady away or that I might push a button that was the last one needing to be pushed because of a stressful evening. But I paused and asked God to help this go right and let her receive this blessing with an open heart. And God moved, I was just in Awe of Gods presence and how that one moment will be forever in that ladies heart. One act of obedience can change someone’s life. Every Life has a story! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be apart of this life story! #Godisgood

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