A Heart Surrendered to Christ

A Heart Surrendered to Christ

A Heart Surrendered to Christ ~ Renee shares her story of the moment she finally surrendered her heart to Christ. Share your story and what made you finally accept His invitation to a personal relationship. (p31obs)

I had to grow up to fast as a kid.. Being a kid wasn’t the best for me! I was abused in so many ways that as I got older I just didn’t care about life I had no purpose in my life. When I became a mom I battled with depression and blamed myself as a parent for not being able to give my children a good father to love them. The night before I got Saved and went to church I partied so much that night that I couldn’t even enjoy it! I was in the restroom and I looked at myself in the mirror and said I’ve had enough this isn’t me this isn’t who I am. And I went to church that morning and never turned back, it’s been 3yrs now and all I do is live for Jesus! Best decision I’ve ever made in my life. And now my girls have an awesome godly father and I can turn to Jesus for things I don’t understand instead of the other things I use to!!! I have a purpose now and that’s to live for Jesus my children love God and love church and love to pray! Something I never had as a kid!! I Surrendered my life to Christ!!! #Priceless

4 thoughts on “A Heart Surrendered to Christ

  1. I’m so glad you turned to God in your time of need. I’m a single mother and have been learning to lean on him more and more. Still struggle and forget to lean on him in EVERYTHING but I feel I am walking closer and closer every day. This OBS has been very good for me to shake my doubts and seek God.

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