#Priceless God Moments

#Priceless God Moments

So again I have a God Moment at my Local HEB! First things first I wasn’t planning on going to HEB til after I picked up the Kiddos from school but then I said Ill just go now. Well God had a plan for me to bless someone again. So as I was putting my groceries away in my trunk I notice a lady on my left doing the same. As I put one of the bags in I noticed some Movie Gifts I had from Church. And God pointed me to The Grace Card movie to give to the lady.. (Amazing Movie) I questioned God and said are you sure I can’t that’s weird I don’t even know the lady. But again He pressed my heart to bless her with that movie.. I said ok ok ill do it. So we finished packing up at the same time and I kindly spoke to her and said Excuse me Mam, I hope this isn’t strange but I have a movie here that I’d like to give you. I’m not selling it, its actually a gift we bless our church guest with. And she asked what church do you go to and I told her the name of my church then she told me the church she attends. And then I tell her God really just put it on my heart to bless you with this movie. The movie talks about passing The Grace Card with others so here I am sharing God with you. And she shook my hand and said Thank you so much this is such a blessing. And we went our ways. I was again in Awe of God’s amazing presence He is so awesome and Good! Thank you Jesus! #Priceless #ACH #PerfectLove

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